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Express Medical Billing is a full service, cost effective and time efficient medical billing company based in Hoboken, NJ. Our clientele includes physicians based in all five New York City boroughs, including many well acclaimed physicians in Manhattan.


We specialize in professional, anesthesia, office based surgery, ambulatory, and hospital claim management and provide collection solutions for multi specialty medical providers. With over 15 years of experience in the medical billing industry and having worked with and managed numerous medical offices, we strive on our ability to adapt to all workloads and environments, offering advice & guidance to help you run and maintain a smooth and efficient medical practice.


We believe that maintaining a close relationship with your medical staff is key to achieving a healthy work environment in which everyone is involved and aware of the most current and effective billing procedures for maximum reimbursement. Unlike most medical billing companies, we operate with open communication with both you and your patients.

office based surgery Express Medical Billing, Inc. is in full support of The Society of New York Office Based Surgery Facilities (NYOBS) organization's continuous efforts and is currently representing many of New York OBS facilities as their facility billing expert and claims processor.

We at Express Medical Billing are eager for all insurance companies to provide a separate reimbursement for OBS so that the cost of maintaining The Joint Commission/AAAASF accreditation is reasonably and universally compensated.

Presently, many OBS facilities are using a portion of the professional reimbursements collected to maintain their accreditation status while others have had no other alternative but to discontinue their OBS practice and take their patients to local hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers because they can no longer afford the added expense.

As a corporate sponsor, advocate, and member of NYOBS, we at Express Medical Billing feel it is our duty to maintain complete awareness of all insurance policy updates and provisions pertaining to OBS compensation. Due to our expertise in this area of billing, we are successful in obtaining separate reimbursement from many PPO insurance policies which are listed in detail on the organization website, If you are not a member of NYOBS, please join now via their website as it is critical that all OBS facilities in New York state are active members.

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